Enemies in the Making: "Others" and the Construction of Early Christian Identities


The objective of the research project is to provide a comprehensive and nuanced account of how early Christian authors differentiated, excluded and devalued those perceived as others. The research project adopts an inter-disciplinary approach and asks how images of alterity constructed and solidified early Christian social identities. The team applies social psychological and sociological theories to canonical and non-canonical literature in order to appreciate the complexity of social group processes embedded in this literature. Theories addressing the emergence and function of social stereotypes and prejudice help to understand better the early Christian polemic and, therefore, make it possible to give polemized and marginalized others a fair hearing in the study of Christianity.

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In addition to the publications by individual members, the results of the research project are presented in Raimo Hakola, Nina Nikki, Ulla Tervahauta (eds). Others and the Construction of Early Christian Identities. Publications of the Finnish Exegetical Society 106. Helsinki: The Finnish Exegetical Society, 2013.
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