Entrepreneurship education as a driving force of South Savo



This project has two concrete goals: 1) To build a path of entrepreneurship education that reaches all the municipalities of South Savo. The path may include already existing models and new parts and models that are developed in the project. 2) To create a strong regional entrepreneurship education network that is aimed to reach all the municipalities of South Savo. The goal of this network is to move from the leaded network towards self-organized network, where the knowledge and know-how is created together but in a self-organized way.

WP 1: Entrepreneurship education experiments organizwd together with yound and the enterprises.
WP 2: “Learning entrepreneurship by trying it” – actions of entrepreneurship for students.
WP 3: Tearchers´ training
WP 4: The creation and the simulation of the path of entrepreneurship education.

The concrete results are achieved in the entrepreneurship education of upper secondary education and the development of the know-how of working life and entrepreneurship in the area of the South Savo area.

Project is coordinatated by South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Xamk. Other organizations involved to the project are: University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute, South Savo Vocational College ESEDU, upper secondary vocational education college SAMIedu and The Church Training College Pieksämäki.

Project is funded by Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Eastern Finland (ESR-funding)
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