Tutkimusapuraha Kampylobakteerin epidemiologiaa käsittelevään tutkimukseen



Campylobacter is the most common bacterial cause of diarrhoeal illness in most industrial countries. In Finland the number of human campylobacteriosis cases also has increased steadily reaching 4,107 infections in 2007.

The aim of the project is to compare the species distribution found in human diarrheic stool samples of sporadic gastroenteritis cases with species found in fecal samples of poultry and other farm animals and in retail meat products to assess any possible link of campylobacteriosis with a potential reservoir in domestic animals and food. The occurrence of emerging Campylobacteriaceae has not been fully investigated in the European countries.

There is hardly any information on the environmental or animal reservoirs that harbour these emerging Campylobacteriaceae. The focus of this research is to improve the isolation, detection and identification of emerging Campylobacteriaceae from fresh meat and animal feces.
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