Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project diLILAC Digital transition of Lithuanian language and culture courses

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The project diLILAC was initiated with the aim to strengthen the capacity of Lithuanian language and culture educators in higher education to provide high quality interactive and inclusive digital education. The following specific objectives are outlined to reach the aim of the project: Develop digital pedagogical competence of Lithuanian language and culture teachers in Europe; Support educators with high quality digital content and training materials; Facilitate digital mechanisms to deliver the training course(s). Project partners from Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Poland and Germany will exchange good practices and develop the following innovative teaching / learning tools and instruments:

Methodology for inclusive digital Lithuanian language and culture education;
Guidelines on organising online training programmes with large number of multicultural groups;
Distant training module for Lithuanian language education;
Distant training module for Lithuanian cultural education;
Platform for participants’ engagement and management of the training courses;
“Train the Trainer” guidebook for virtual mentors.
Kort titeldiLILAC
Gällande start-/slutdatum01/03/202128/02/2022