Ethics and the Common in Hannah Arendt's Political Philosophy

  • Björk, Ulrika (Deltagare)



    This individual post-doctoral research project studies Hannah Arendt’s political philosophy within the traditions of phenomenology and Western political philosophy, on the one hand, and the crisis of twentieth century politics, on the other. The overall aim of the research is to investigate whether it is possible to develop an ethics based on Arendt’s notion of the ’inbetween’, by which she understands the common, relational world that is constituted between a plurality of individuals that act together, within and between generations. Key questions include: What are the promises and limitations of Arendt’s concept of the political? How does she conceptualise the world? What would be the principles of an Arendtian ethics? The originality of the project lies in relating Arendt’s philosophy to the Husserlian tradition of phenomenology, as well as in taking into account Arendt’s Jewish Writings.

    The project will result in a monograph to be published in 2013. Preliminary results will be published as articles and conference proceedings. The project is financed by the following private foundations: Svenska kulturfonden (Finland), Ella och Georg Ehrnrooths stiftelse (Finland), Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse (Sweden), Guvor och Josef Anérs stiftelse (Sweden), Cooperint (Italy).
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