FIN-EPOS - a FINnish national initiative of the European Plate Observing System

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The European Plate Observation System (EPOS) is coordinating the integrated use of data, models and facilities from spatially separated Solid Earth research infrastructure (RI). The Finnish national initiative is a joint proposal of the Univ. Helsinki and Oulu, FGI, FMI, GTK, MIKES and CSC. The RI consists of permanent and portable seismic and geodetic stations, magnetic observatories, portable electromagnetic arrays, geodynamic modeling and geophysical laboratories. The operation and maintenance of the RI is funded through host organizations annual budget. Upgrading and expanding of the RI and databanks, special campaigns are funded by grants. The Finnish RI are already in EPOS. EPOS is implementing the long term strategic goals of the geoscientific institutes: leading role European Earth processes, natural hazards and resources studies, and easy access to large datasets. We suggest Finland to become full-member of EPOS in 2014 and participates in the construction of EPOS-ERIC.
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