Finnish Center of Chinese Law and Chinese Legal Culture

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Beskrivning (abstrakt)

The Finnish Center of Chinese Law and Chinese Legal Culture, established by seven universities and the National Research Institute of Legal Policy, is an institution that promotes research and education in Chinese law and Chinese legal culture.

The academic strength of the Center is founded on the synergy of combining research and education conducted by its members and of their strong connections with Chinese universities and research institutions. The Center brings together the activities of the research projects on Chinese law and legal culture among its members and hosts an academic event series each semester. It also supports students’ education in the field by expanding the number of courses in Chinese law and legal culture; facilitating student exchange programs and hosting various academic activities and events under the auspices of the Center. In these ways, the Center fosters mutual understanding between the Chinese and Finnish legal systems not only among students and academics, but also among legal practitioners and the wider community in the countries.

The Director of the Center is Professor Ulla Liukkunen.
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  • China Law Research Workshop

    Ulla Liukkunen (Ordförande i organisationskommitté)

    21 mars 201622 mars 2016

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