Finnish-Mongolian Pälsi-Ramstedt Trail 2019

  • Seitsonen, Oula (Projektledare)
  • Bayarsaikhan, Jamsranjav (Deltagare)



Finnish-Mongolian Archaeological and Anthropological Expedition to Mongolia in 2019. The scientific expedition will be re-tracing in the summer 2019 the trail of the 1909 Finnish Mongolia expedition, 110 years after the original expedition by Finnish linguist G.J. Ramstedt and archaeologist Sakari Pälsi, and documenting the same localities they documented. Researchers: Jamsranjav Bayarsaikhan (National Museum of Mongolia) and Oula Seitsonen (University of Helsinki / University of Oulu, Finland). The expedition is funded by the Nordenskiöld-samfundet (Finland).
Gällande start-/slutdatum01/07/201831/08/2019