Finnish network for research on Development of Education and Education Export



FinDEX is a network for Finland based researchers, international researchers enthusiast in the Finnish education and the other stakeholders involved in the academic research on education export, global and local education development and international, comparative education.

FinDEX works on multidisciplinary basis, drawing resources from sociology of education, political science, organization studies, comparative education research, higher education research, education leadership, affect theories and feminist cultural studies. Methodologically, our research is mainly based on qualitative research approaches (discursive approaches, grounded theory, institutional ethnography, participatory and action research), with the orientation to create tools for empowering the local contexts and actors in collecting, analyzing and applying knowledge. Tools used are for example interviews, questionaries, document analyses and observation.

Under the FinDEX umbrella different kind of the activities are being organized. Collaborative research projects are the founding basis for the activities. Our topics range from the analysis of the Finnish education export field, comparative studies between the countries, participatory action research in development projects to analysis of work of actors in education export projects. We participate actively in academic and other conferences around the world, organize seminars and events, and academic and other courses on the topics of education export, education development and international education.

Network governors: Mari Simola, University of Helsinki, Henna Juusola, University of Tampere, Terhi Nokkala, University of Jyväskylä
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