Finnish Novice Teachers' Professional Wellbeing and Continuance in the Occupation: Developmental Pathways and Underlying Mechanisms with Individual and Environmental Resources

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This study examines developmental pathways and underlying mechanisms with individual and environmental resources that predict Finnish novice teachers’ professional wellbeing and continuance in the occupation. The study concentrates on the dynamic associations of (1) antecedent individual resources such as temperament, interaction skills, and susceptibility to stress, and (2) environmental resources such as work load, work engagement, and organizational justice, as indicators of the development of novice teachers’ personal professional resources, such as practical knowledge, teacher identity and professional wellbeing. The study objectives are examined with (a) longitudinal Finnish teacher student data which contain repeated measurements of their biological, psychological, behavioral, and environmental factors, and (b) interview data. This information is applicable to teacher training and school practices and when planning working teachers’ intervention programs and in-service training.
Kort titelFinnish Novice Teachers' Professional Wellbeing
Gällande start-/slutdatum01/09/201631/08/2019


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