FInnish Reflection Experiment – FIRE avoimesti verkkoon

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A tool for browsing and downloading seismic reflection data and data products of the Finnish Reflection Experiment (FIRE).
Finnish Reflection Experiment (FIRE) is a reflection seismic experiment that was carried out in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Finland, Seismological Institute of Finland (University of Helsinki), Geophysics Division of the University of Oulu, the Geophysical Observatory of Sodankylä, and Russian company Spetsgeofysika during the years 2001–2004. The FIRE profiles comprise in total ca. 2100 kilometers of high-resolution seismic reflection profiles that crosscut all the prominent units of the bedrock of Finland.

The reprocessed FIRE data and materials can be browsed through the map and table applications of the OpenFIRE service. The service also includes descriptions of surface geology and interpretations of the crustal structures made based on the seismic data.
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