Häme region as a pioneer in a risk management of pathogens in watercourses

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This project is focused on risk management of pathogens in watercourses. Despite efficient wastewater treatment methods various contaminants including pathogenic microbes are being dicharged into recipient waters. In addition contaminants are originated from urban storm waters and animal farms. The risks and uncertainties related to the hygienic quality and safe use, especially for recreational purposes and end-users, are recognised and more information and new technologies are needed.
Aim of the project is to investigate whether the surface waters receiving purified wastewaters, and discharge from urban areas and animal farms have detectable amounts of pathogens, and in which conditions the risks are high. We also use identification of human and nonhuman pollution sources using DNA-based methods. This project includes a risk assessment which is useful for official supervision, and also solution-oriented measures and testing together with private companies. As from the end-users point of view, we study the technical ways to treat the water (filtration using biomaterials, UV-LED-disinfection technique) as well as natural ecosystem services provided by a constructed wetland, and estimate the possibilities and benefits to reduce the harmful microbes in the waters. This project is based on the co-operation with special experts in aquatic ecology, horse management, microbiology and environmental health together with business sector. The knowledge produced is applied directly in the educational sector in teaching the future professionals and further promoting international projects.

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