Helsinki Developmental Biology Research Community (HelDevBio)

  • Gui, Jinghua (Deltagare)

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Beskrivning (abstrakt)

Developmental biology research has long and internationally recognized traditions in Finland, and it is among the rapidly progressing fields of biology and biomedicine. The research groups in this RC form the biggest research and training program in this field in Finland. The scientific focus is in the genetic, molecular, and cellular mechanisms that control embryonic development. The PIs have gained international recognition for their scientific achievements. The groups collaborate actively and have numerous international collaborators. The program has taken an active role in doctoral training, and in addition to Finnish students it has provided training opportunities for many foreign students.

The program was started in 1995 as a research program of the Institute of Biotechnology. Currently the groups work at 4 different faculties and institutes at the Viikki Biosciences and Meilahti Biomedical Campuses, and the program continues to have an important impact in linking the activities of the groups in the field of developmental biology, and in functioning as an inter-campus and inter-faculty doctoral training program of the University of Helsinki.

Responsible person: Irma Thesleff, Institute of Biotechnology
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