Innovation and Action Network for Low Carbon Construction


The goal is to activate SMSs and support their growth, competitiveness and employment - in line with EU roadmaps on low carbon economy and resource efficiency - to capitalise on new business opportunities in low carbon construction and with sustainability. The aim is to implement the Kouvola urban Strategy and economic programme which call for the promotion of wood construction. The organisation’s most innovative resources will be directed towards ne kind of network collaboration to develop companies, in step with the set goals and contractual of the City, Regional Council and structural fund. The goals is to utilise the wood potential – recognised also in the structural fund programme – in the Region’s economy. The aim is to identify and assess appropriate innovation environments and development platforms to boost SME business operations in the Kouvola Region; also a low carbon model for the Region will be composed as stakeholder collaboration. User-orientation in all actions promotes non-discrimination.

KINNO will assess potential innovation environments in the Region to realise low carbon conrtuction and to motivate companies to become platforms for new business. KINNO will form a network with SMEs, public sectors players and educational organisations. Development and business opportunities will be created and assessed together with the network. The opportunities of the new Acquisitions Directive’s low carbon and resource efficiency approach will be analysed with an eye for new real estate projects in the public sector coinciding with the programme. Aalto University will develop a model for low carbon construction and permits for Kouvola and inform target companies on the model. New business opportunities will be generated in cooperation with companies and programme actors; an initial plan on carbon economy of individual buildings in composed. University of Helsinki will compose a report on the regional economic impact of low carbon construction. LUT will perform lifecycle costs calculations for a prject selected by the City. KyAMK will study the restorative potential in the pilot projects.
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