The goal of the project is to map and analyze common concepts of the humanities and document the results to an Open Access-database Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences. A central form of teamwork is to draft definitions and explanations of the common concepts. The work includes the mapping and analysis of current uses of the terms and their conceptual history, providing cross-references between different areas of research. Thus the project advances interdisciplinarity in a very practical way. The OA-platform Semantic MediaWiki enables collective writing and co-operative editing of contents. The larger goal of the project is to integrate the interdisciplinary termwork as part of the practices of studies, especially doctoral studies in the humanities.
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  • 6121 Språkvetenskaper
  • 611 Filosofi
  • 6122 Litteraturforskning
  • 6131 Teater, dans, musik, övrig scenkonst