International survey on educational leadership - A survey on school leader’s work and continuing education



    The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE) decided in 2011 to commission a survey to investigate qualifications requirements and continuing education systems for school principals/leaders. The aim was to investigate school leadership systems and leadership training practices. A further objective was to find out how future plans relating to principals’ qualifications requirements, pre-service programmes and in-service training differ in different countries. Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Helsinki was selected to carry out the survey. Antinluoma was member of prof. K. Hämäläinens' working group and responsible for collecting data and text concerning South Korea.

    The full international survey on school leaders’ work and continuing education (Kansainvälinen kartoitus rehtoreiden työstä ja täydennyskoulutuksesta) has been published in the FNBE Reports series as Reports 2012:11. It is available in Finnish on the FNBE website at: kartoitus_rehtoreiden_tyosta_ja_taydennyskoulutuksesta.
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