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    The KIELO project is a national and international research and developmental project in foreign language teaching, studying and learning, with a view on reality in FL classrooms. The national KIELO research has contributed to six articles and many conference presentations. The international KIELO research cooperation includes research projects with (i) Adjunct prof. Sasajima Shigeru, Saitama Medical University/Toyo Eiwa University, Japan (article: Aspects of Japanese EFL teachers' cognitions on communicative language teaching (CLT)); (ii) Prof. Claudio Díaz, University of Concepcion, Chile (article in process), (iii) Adjunct prof. Edgardo Galetti, University of Madrid, Spain (article in process), (iv) Senior lecturer, Director of PhD studies, Tore Nilsson, University of Stockholm, Sweden.

    The key research task in KIELO is to describe, analyse and interpret what the language teaching reality is in FL classrooms, in what ways foreign languages are taught and studied, and on what pedagogical grounds. The KIELO rationale is based on a language-didactic idea of two premises defining practical language teaching: first, language teacher cognition, in other words, conceptions of students, teaching, studying and learning based on values, beliefs, prior experience, practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge, and, second, the socio-cultural school and language classroom context. Special focus will be laid on the role, status and significance of communicative language teaching (CLT) as a current and topical teaching practice and as a methodological approach among FL teachers. The second argument is drawn from the idea of language teachers’ professional growth requiring systematic and purposive reflection of one’s own teaching and its foundations. In other words, the teacher needs to analyse his/her own work as a researcher, which is a prerequisite for developing one’s teaching and renewing and innovating one’s professionalism.
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    Vieraiden kielten opetus Suomessa - nykytilanteen tarkastelua: KIELO-tutkimushankkeen taustaa ja teoriaa

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    Investigating methodological reality in Finnish foreign language classrooms: revisiting the KIELO Project's rationale and research

    Harjanne, P. & Tella, S., 2009, Language education and lifelong learning. Kantelinen, R. & Pollari, P. (red.). Joensuu: University of Joensuu, s. 135-153 19 s.

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