Language, identity and authenticity among the East European Roma

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    The project deals with Roma living in Romania, Bulgaria, some of ex-Yugoslavian countries, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the Baltic countries and to some extent, Finland. The goal of the project is to study the questions of diaspora, identity and hybridity from the points of view of political sciences, anthropology, migration research, anthropological and general/Romani linguistics. The project stresses the importance of the theoretical and conceptual, the thematic, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, as well as the empirical and more symbolic study of diasporas, hybridity and identity.

    The project is led by docent, university lecturer Kimmo Granqvist. PhD Anton Tenser and FT Airi Markkanen work as a postdoctoral researchers on the project. DI Lidia Gripenberg and MA Anca Loredana Enache work on the project as PhD students and researchers. Other participants include Mgr. Erika Adamová, BA Heini Puurunen, MA Raluca Bianca Roman (St. Andrews University, UK).

    The project will co-operate with academic scholars in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the UK. The project will also co-operate with research networks and institutions such as CSC, European Academic Network on Romani Studies and UACES Collaborative Research Network ‘Romanis in Europe’ and European Center for Minority Issues (Flensburg, Germany). The project will be in close co-operation with the project “Finnish Romani and other Northern dialects of Romani in the Baltic Sea area” (2013–2016), led by Kimmo Granqvist. The project will co-operate with Helsinki Deaconess Institute, Day Center for Finnish Roma Kaalo and Day Center for Migrants and Travellers Hirundo and NGOs throughout the countries covered.

    The project will contribute to researcher training and building up a Finnish research community in Romani Studies and to building up an interdisciplinary and international center for research in the Romani Studies at the University of Helsinki. The practical outputs will be 1) two edited volumes; 2) two PhD theses; 3); research papers and congress presentations, popular articles; and 4) presentations at project events, and on the project website.

    The planned length of the project: 2013-2016.
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