This is a project coordinated by the Finno-Ugrian Society with the aim of publishing the life work of the Finnish ethnolinguist and anthropologist Matthias Alexander Castrén (1813-1852). The project is planned to result in a series of volumes comprising linguistic descriptions, collections of ethnological and folkloric materials, travelogues and personal letters, and a biography. The raw material is preserved at the Finnish National Library and other archives. The project is admnistered by a team comprising Ulla-Maija Forsberg (President of the Finno-Ugrian Society), Paula Kokkonen (Secretary-General of the Finno-Ugrian Society), Timo Salminen (ethnology and folklore studies), and Juha Janhunen (linguistics). Several other specialists are working on the individual languages concerned. The project has received external financing from the Finnish Cultural Foundation.
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  • 612 Språk och litteratur
  • 615 Historia och arkeologi
  • 616 Övriga humanistiska vetenskaper


Manuscripta Castreniana Jurak-Samoiedica: Folkloristica

Lukin, K. P., dec 2018, Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura. (Manuscripta Castreniana)

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