Materials physics based on low energy ion bombardment



The research program consists of the following topics: (i) Ion implantation related research. One important goal of the research is to improve the understanding of the mechanisms generating ion implantation induced damage and the behavior of defects during annealing for selected novel materials. The experimental work will be complemented with sophisticated computer simulations. Embedded nanostructure formation will be studied within an extensive international collaboration project. The work is aimed at studies of morphology and microstructure of embedded surface nanostructures formed by ion implantation.
(ii) Research based on clusters is closely related to the ongoing cluster research at the Accelerator Laboratory. The physical phenomena related to sputtering with clusters are of significant theoretical and practical interest. The obtained experimental sputtering yields for the selected materials will provide usable data for research and processing techniques involving clusters.
(iii) Impurity atom- and self- diffusion in novel materials will be studied using stable and radioactive ion implantation. The main interest is aimed at materials and diffusing species having significant importance in semiconductor technology and applications.
Within the project students and researchers will be trained. The task of the postdoctoral scientist will be to take part in the research and supervise PhD students. As the scope of ion beam based materials physics widens at the Department of Physical Sciences additional human resources are needed. Furthermore, a new scientist can bring in new viewpoints and knowledge and thus complement the existing supervision of PhD students.

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