Maternal and Paternal Prenatal Representations of The Baby in The Context of Attachment-theory.

  • Rusanen, Erja (Principal Investigator)
  • Lahikainen, AnjaRiitta (Principal Investigator)
  • Pölkki, Pirjo (Deltagare)
  • Kylliäinen, Anneli (Deltagare)
  • Saarenpää-Heikkilä, Outi (Deltagare)
  • Paavonen, Juulia (Projektledare)


Beskrivning (abstrakt)

How do maternal/paternal prenatal representations of the baby associate to family-atmosphere, (with) parents' own attachment-style, (with) stress, anxiety and depression and how do they relate to postnatal maternal /paternal attachment to the baby? (Two subprojects of all four).
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