Meaning-making processes through the transition to adulthood: What has(n’t) changed?



It was the aim of the study to design and conduct a cultural-sensitive study of Canadian and Portuguese youth based on the action-project method and theory. It aims at an in-depth and sensitive grasp of the culturally idiosyncratic ways in which today’s youth make meaning (i.e., construct actions) on events and transitions as they grow into adults. Specifically, (i) how they negotiate the multiple “micro” transitions occurring all along other more traditional and most well-known "macro" transitions, (ii) their meaning making processes, (iii) the multiplicity of interrelationships being established between youth’s cultural and contextual characteristics (e.g., at the country level, concerning their resources and opportunities) and their differential transitional pathways.
Gällande start-/slutdatum01/05/200930/06/2012