Media, Citizenship and Circuits of Power



This research proposes to examine empirically different forms of power that are produced in the context of Finnish media. In analysing these issues the research makes use of Stuart Clegg’s conceptual scheme presented in Frameworks of Power (1989), where the formation and use of power is seen as enclosed within three circuits: Micro-level, meso-level, and macro-level systemic power. The project is divided accordingly into four sub-projects: 1) Powerful Meets Powerless: Audiences, Media Contents and Mediated Citizenship (micro); 2) Catastrophes and the Realignment of Power Relations within Channels of Information Dissemination (meso); 3) Working for Democracy: Journalistic Practices and Constructing the Citizen (meso); and 4) Global Citizen, National Media: Re-thinking Systems of Power in a Global Media Environment (macro).
Gällande start-/slutdatum01/01/200730/06/2010


  • Academy of Finland: 280 000,00 €


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