Medical Knowledge, Salvation and Self-legitimation in Early Modern Jesuit Narratives of Healing


The project asks how medical knowledge, especially on healing, was gathered, organized, narrated, and distributed to the wider European public through the mission journal “Der Neue Welt-Bott” (1727-1758). As other mission journals of the century, it became hugely popular among the literate Europeans beyond confessional boundaries. At the same time it served to legitimize the Jesuits’ activities that had come under harsh criticism in the 18th century.The project contributes to current scholarly debates about the relationship of religion and
science in the early modern period, especially in the 18th century. Contrary to views of the early modern age as a “scientific revolution”, this project argues that religious and scientific modes of thought and practice were not something essentially distinct. A study of the clerical actors will decisively enrich our knowledge about the many ways in which scientific and religious ideas,
practices and networks interacted in the early modern era.
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