Economics arguably has the strongest influence on policy making among all the sciences, but it has been notoriously difficult to integrate other relevant disciplines like ecology and psychology into economics. Is this because economists value money more than nature unlike ecologists or glorify human rationality unlike psychologists? Instead of speculating on economists' values and views, this project aims to (1) identify distinctive methods and concepts that economists rely on in their practice; and (2) assess whether and how these can be effectively modified to take insights from the other disciplines. The project achieves these goals by a unique combination of (A) an interview-based qualitative study of interdisciplinary projects involving economists and (B) a careful methodological analysis based on the philosophy of science. The findings will be used to form a practical guide to interdisciplinary research for economists and their collaborators, as well as for science policy makers.
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Two Strands of Field Experiments in Economics: A Historical-Methodological Analysis

Nagatsu, M. & Favereau, J., jan 2020, I : Philosophy of the Social Sciences. 50, 1, s. 45-77 33 s.

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Applying Experimental Philosophy to Investigate Economic Concepts: Choice, Preference, and Nudge

Nagatsu, M., 2019, Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Science . Wilkenfeld, D. A. & Samuels, R. (red.). London: T & T Clark, s. 147-171 25 s. 7. (Advances in Experimental Philosophy).

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Commentary: Toward a Philosophy and Methodology for Interdisciplinary Research

Nagatsu, M. & Ruzzene, A., 30 maj 2019, Contemporary Philosophy and Social Science: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue. Nagatsu, M. & Ruzzene, A. (red.). London: T & T Clark, s. 59-66 8 s.

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Folk economics: what is it? why does it matter? how to study it?

Michiru Nagatsu (!!Speaker)
19 okt 2019

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Experimental Philosophy of Economics: Explaining why economics is so difficult

Michiru Nagatsu (!!Speaker)
15 okt 2019

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