MUN IDEA Participatory Budgeting as a Tool for Public Engagement in the Development of a Local Urban Neighborhood


Project description
The project of Mun Idea - Participatory Budgeting as an Instrument in the Development of an Urban Area (2017-18) is a reserach project by Laurea University of Applied Sciences which aims at enhancing community development with human resources and developing online-based tools for participation in the city of Espoo, southern Finland. It is funded by Helsinki Metropolitan Region Urban Research Program.
The methodological approach is participatory action research. The goals are: (1) to increase the collaboration between researchers, citizens, software company and cross-sectorial administration, (2) to enhance community capacity with human resources, (3) to develop a resident-friendly online-based tool for citizen participation, (4) to delegate the decision-making power to the citizens in defining a part of the public resources, and (5) to involve citizens in the elaboration and ranking of the proposals.
The research produces knowledge about how to inform the citizens better, how to engage the citizens to e-participation, how to support the ideas of the citizens, how can the community problems be met with participatory budgeting, how to find the engaged citizen-layer to get involved to run the future concept of participatory budgeting, and how to create new tools for citizen participation and governance, by utilizing digital software.

Kort titelMUN IDEA (My Idea)
Gällande start-/slutdatum01/01/201731/12/2018


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