New Open Reseach: Beliefs About Teaching Mathematics

  • Hannula, Markku (Projektledare)
  • Lepik, Madis (PI)
  • Pipere, Anita (PI)
  • Haser, Cigdem (PI)
  • Haser, Cigdem (PI)
  • Pantziara, Marilena (PI)
  • Kardanova, Elena (PI)
  • Oksanen, Susanna (Deltagare)



    Our objective in this study is

    to construct an instrument that can, in cross-culturally valid ways, measure aspects of teachers’ beliefs concerning mathematics, school mathematics and mathematics didactics.
    to use the instrument for an explorative study of mathematics teacher beliefs in Baltic and Scandinavian countries. More specifically
    we will explore their belief structures (how different beliefs relate to each other),
    we will explore what kind of belief profiles are typical (cluster analysis) and
    compare possible cross-cultural differences
    StatusEj startat