Nordic - Russian Boreal Forest Biodiversity Education Network

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Beskrivning (abstrakt)

The Nordic - Russian Boreal Forest Biodiversity Education Network aims to develop the educational and research collaboration between the leading Universities in the Nordic - Russian region. The activities are expanding the earlier and the ongoing Nordic (NorFA, Forest fungi, NEFOM) and Nordic - Russian (ZBS school 2012) networking activities to integrate and fully utilize the Nordic expertise in molecular and conservation biology and community ecology and the Russian expertise in natural history.

We believe that sustainable use of Nordic boreal coniferous forests, and the conservation of its biodiversity should be based on the quality research and education programmes for the under- (MSc) and postgraduate (PhD) students. A combination of network activities, such as researcher - postgraduate - master student symposia, field courses and schools, and the laboratory workshops with the lecture- and seminar based University courses on next-generation sequencing in community ecology, taxonomy and biology of wood-decaying fungi, and on biodiversity in dead wood is suggested for two years.

The proposal is based on the tested national events that were arranged by the individual network partners, updated to meet the needs of the international student audience, and taking into account the newly developed methods in molecular community ecology, biological conservation and biodiversity studies.
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