Peatland Ecology Group in the University of Helsinki (PEATLANDERS)

Projekt: Forskningsutvärdering 2011


Beskrivning (abstrakt)

Peatland Ecology Group, University of Helsinki, studies the structure and functioning of peatlands under different land-uses. These wetland ecosystems, with their characteristic carbon-rich organic soils, are found from the arctic to the tropical climate. Our studies cover the whole climate gradient as well as time-scales from a few seconds to millennia. The land-uses that our expertise covers include pristine peatlands, peatlands drained for forestry, agriculture and peat mining, as well as peatland restoration. Our focus is on their dynamic interactions with their biological and physical environment.

We educate specialists with a wide range of expertises on different fields of science and environmental issues. Our postgraduate and postdoctoral education has been successful: all our students have been employed within their fields. We also acknowledge the need to support the personal development, and the development of professional identity of each individual. There is a creative and supportive atmosphere in our RC, which results not only in scientific productivity but also in well-being of the members. There is an even gender balance in our RC.

Responsible person: Harri Vasander, Department of Forest Sciences

Participation category: 3
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