Promoting Social Justice Teacher Education



    The context of the project is that of professional development of teachers and teacher education and the topic relates to infusing critical reflections and practices in relation to the idea of social justice in the partner countries. Entitled Promoting Social Justice Teacher Education, the project starts from the hypothesis that from the Nordic countries, critical and fresh ideas and practices in teacher education can be shared and ‘borrowed’ to improve social justice education with a particular emphasis on students with an immigrant background. As the terminology is far from clear, in this project, social justice education encompasses any kind of education that deals critically with the ideas of multiculturalism and diversity. Very few courses in teacher education institutions in our countries directly integrate this approach of social justice and hence it is urgent to develop courses for student teachers and teacher educators which address the issue. A long term objective will be to influence logics, discourses and situated practices so that social justice becomes a permanent issue in teacher education.
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