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Multiparametric model for clinically significant prostate cancer precision diagnostics and treatment PC is heterogeneous and may be totally harmless or lethal during the lifetime of an individual male. This heterogeneity is the biggest challenge in the treatment of PC. Currently, the diagnosis of PC is made by ultrasound (US)-guided sextant biopsies, which are not accurate enough in detecting the disease. The advance in imaging techniques is revolutionizing the diagnostics of PC among other neoplasms. This also enables more targeted biopsies to be collected. To further direct and optimize the treatment of an individual patient, there is a need for validated feedback for the radiologists and the treating physicians about the lesions detected in the MRI images. This multiparametric and multidisciplinary diagnostic regime optimized for an individual patient with PC would save financial resources and spare the patient for unnecessary procedures and treatments. This Key Project will be a continuum for the biomarker validation part of the current AoF consortium study of the PI with phenotypic and histomorphological research incorporating the contemporary multiparametric MRI imaging. Our multimodality diagnostic regime update includes histological and biomarker information combined in advanced technology MRIUS-guided biopsies and complete clinical patient reports. We combine thorough health record information with imaging findings, histopathology, novel whole slide image (WSI) analysis and biomarker studies. The results of the project reflect the nature of PC in an unselected cohort and thus the findings are directly applicable to the prospective patient care. There is an increasing need for personalized assessment of cancer diagnosis and the proper treatment modality over the course of the disease
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