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The overall objective of the project Quality analysis of critical control points within the whole food chain and their impact on food quality, safety and health (QACCP) is to optimise organic production and processing in order to improve food safety as well as nutritional quality and increase health promoting aspects in consumer products.

The approach will be a chain analysis approach which addresses the link between farm and fork and backwards from fork to farm. The objective is to improve product related quality management in farming (towards testint food authenticity) and processing (towards food authenticity and sustainable processes).

The carrot is chosen as the model vegetable since it is common for the involved SME´s and is processed for baby food; hence the results will be relevant for other vegetables and organic food in general as well.

The project creates an European network of research institutes from different disciplines and partners.
Gällande start-/slutdatum01/01/200730/06/2010


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