QualityLowInputFood (QLIF)



    Subproject 5, Development of a framework for the design of "minimum" and "low input" processing strategies, which guarantee food quality and safety.

    The project aims were to improve quality, ensure safety and reduce cost along the organic and "low input" food supply chains through research, dissemination and training activities. The project focused on increasing value to both consumers and producers using a fork to farm approach.

    Coordinators and subproject leaders in QLIF have drafted a series a leaflets that gives an overview of major results achieved in the project. The leaflets are free to download (www.qlif.org) and they are also available in Organic Eprints.

    The research involved more than thirty-one research institutions, companies and universities throughout Europe and beyond. The main partners for Ruralia Institute were FiBL (Switzerland), TUBITAK Research Center (Turkey), University of Kassel (Germany) and University of Newcastle (UK).
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