Regeneration of rural localities


The project will develop solutions with different stakeholders for the regeneration of rural localities of six rural municipalities of eastern Finland (Heinävesi, Keitele, Liperi, Mäntyharju, Tervo and Valtimo). University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute and University of Eastern Finland, Spatia (Centre for Regional Research) are responsible for organizing the learning process between project partners and collecting and processing the data as well as evaluating the process. The project municipalities are responsible for organizing and implementing the local development actions.

The aim of the project is to support vitality policy of rural municipalities, to find solutions for the attractiveness of rural localities, to envisage the role of rural localities in digital service environment, to find ways of activating new stakeholders, to create new knowledge for the development of rural localities and to create the learning network of municipalities and Universities in the theme of regeneration of rural localities.

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