Repair practices and understanding in interaction

    Projekt: Forskningsprojekt


    Beskrivning (abstrakt)

    Repair practices and understanding in interaction is a conversation analytic project on repair mechanisms and participants’ co-construction of understanding. The aim of the project is 1) to define the repair practices (including different modalities) in Finnish conversations, and 2) to establish comparative analysis between different types of data.
    The data for the project consist of authentic conversations, both everyday and institutional, including speakers with symmetric linguistic resources and with asymmetric linguistic resources (second language speakers, mentally disabled speakers). The project aims to develop multimodal analysis of interactional phenomena – how linguistic, prosodic and gestural means are used to construct repair sequences, and how these different modalities are connected to different asymmetries (linguistic, linguistic-cognitive and institutional) present in different types of data.
    The project is administratively coordinated by prof. Salla Kurhila. The researchers in the project are Salla Kurhila, Markku Haakana, Marjo Savijärvi and Leealaura Leskelä. The project co-operates with the researches at the Department of Nordic languages and Dept. of Speech sciences and with four internationally top-rated experts on interactional repair – prof. Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen, prof. Paul Drew, prof. Maria Egbert and prof. Jack Sidnell.
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