Road to Freedom

  • Linden, Carl-Gustav (Projektledare)
  • Lehtisaari, Katja (Deltagare)
  • Tuulonen, Hanna (Deltagare)
  • Niemi, Liisa Elviira (Projektledare)
  • Villi, Mikko (Projektledare)
  • Grönlund, Mikko (Projektledare)

Projekt: Forskningsprojekt


Beskrivning (abstrakt)

The aim of this research project is to find out in which ways the Finnish news media is dependent on the technology giants of Silicon Valley, mainly Facebook, Alphabet (Google, Youtube, Android), Apple and Twitter. The study examines whether the dependence is excessive and, if so, how the news media could break free from the excessive influence of technology giants.
Gällande start-/slutdatum01/01/202131/12/2021


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