Socioeconomic impacts of large-scale tree plantations on local communities. Examining the empirical evidence.



The aim is to conduct a systematic review of all independent literature published in English language that uses primary data to examine the links between large-scale tree plantations and their socioeconomic impacts on local human populations worldwide.
Kort titelEBF/CIFOR: Evidence Based Forestry
AkronymEBF/CIFOR: Evidence Based Forestry
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A systematic review of the socio-economic impacts of large-scale tree plantations, worldwide

Malkamäki, A., D'Amato, D., Hogarth, N. J., Kanninen, M., Pirard, R., Toppinen, A. & Zhou, W., nov 2018, I : Global Environmental Change. 53, s. 90-103 14 s.

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The socioeconomic impacts of large-scale tree plantations on local communities: A systematic review protocol

Malkamäki, A., D'amato, D., Hogarth, N., Kanninen, M. T., Pirard, R., Toppinen, A. M. K. & Zhou, W., mar 2017, CIFOR Working Paper 222. Bogor: Center for International Forestry Research, s. 1-18 18 s.

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