Olen perustanut yhdessä Vesa Oittisen kanssa kansainvälisen tutkimusprojektin/verkosto, joka tutkii Stalinin ajan aatehistoriaa, filosofiaa ja kulttuuria. Työstämme parhaillaan kirjaa. Projektiin kuuluu tutkijoita Suomesta, Italiasta, Ranskasta, Englannista ja Yhdysvalloista. Olemme pitäneet kaksi symposia tammikuussa 2019 ja tammikuussa 2020.

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Even though Stalinism must be perceived as an extremely negative – and, yes, totalitarian – tendency that sought to suppress critical thinking, our new project on Stalin era intellectual culture addresses not only the dissident intellectuals who opposed Stalinism and went ‘underground,’ but also the intellectual production in the field of humanities, which tried to carry further the critical ethos of cultural modernization and yet remained as part of a non-persecuted intellectual culture of the time. Thus, it can be said that Stalinism can be viewed as the culture of politics or control politics of culture, but not as the culture of Stalin era. The starting point of our international research project "Stalin Era Intellectuals, Culture and Stalinism" presents a critical stance towards the way the mainstream of Revisionists often address Stalinism as a “culture” per se. In fact, to view Stalinism as a specific culture and civilization seems a rather totalitarian conception in itself. The core questions of our project are: who were the major theoreticians who contributed Stalin era intellectual life? What were the major intellectual currents and concepts that one way or another prevailed? How were they born and in what did they result? Finally, if during the Stalin era we find recognized intellectuals who not only sought to maintain in their intellectual output the seeds of critical humanism, international theoretical connections, and personal cultural utopias, and if such intellectual achievements took place despite Stalinism, what kind of achievements they were? What kind of ethical questions are involved?
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Stalin era in­tel­lec­tual culture - a chal­lenge

Viljanen, E., 6 jun 2019, Helsinki

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Stalin Era Intellectuals, Culture and Stalinism: An international symposium on the problems of Soviet intellectual history

Elina Viljanen (Närvarande), Vesa Oittinen (Närvarande)
24 jan 201925 jan 2019

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