The Euro Crisis, Media Coverage, and Perceptions of Europe within the EU.



How has European news coverage portrayed Europe, European institutions, EU members and the Euro, what does that coverage tell us about Europe, and what are the implications of the way the sovereign debt and banking crises has been covered and portrayed? These are the fundamental questions of this European-wide study led by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at University of Oxford.
This project explores how the Euro Crisis has been portrayed in media in EU countries and how differences in coverage and journalistic practices have affected perceptions of the crisis and Europe. The purpose of the project is to determine how Europeans understand the challenges facing the Euro, and the workings of the European Union and European Central Bank, through the news media of their countries. The research is identifying main themes in coverage, choices of events and personalities covered, the extent and nature of the coverage and the scope and balance of the opinions expressed. It is seeking to identify differences among national coverage patterns and to gauge the effect the coverage has on citizens’ view of the EU and its institutions.
The project was conducted by a coalition of partners in Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Finland and the United Kingdom
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