The Professional Skills and Employment Network for rural areas



The Professional Skills and Employment Network for rural areas is a one of Finnish Rural Policy Council’s working groups that aims to create and promote outlines of rural policy, practical policy recommendations and codes of conduct. Through these initiatives the Professional Skills and Employment Network focuses on developing policies that create sustainable rural environments and economies, fostering education in rural areas and developing the opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment in rural areas. Furthermore the Network enhances policies and actions that are required to mitigate climate change.

The practical work of the Network will concentrate on analyzing the prerequisites for sustainable development of rural areas in the themes of expertise and skills and employment and economy. In addition the Network will participate in creation of the national rural policy program for the years 2021-2027 by providing insights and material to the problematic falling within the scope of the Network. The results of this work are shared and communicated widely through different media.

The more specialized themes in the work of the Network are: sustainable procurements; integration of partly disabled workers and work integrated social enterprises; support and development of social enterprises in rural areas; youth education; new models and opportunities for work and entrepreneurship in rural areas and new methods for lifelong learning in rural areas.

The project is implemented by University of Helsinki Ruralia-Institute, Brahea Center of the University of Turku and the Ministry of Education and Culture.
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