The Publication of the Coptic Manuscripts of the Ilves Collection



The purpose of the research project is to publish a collection of Coptic manuscripts (The Ilves Collection). The manuscripts will be conserved, catalogued, edited, translated, interpreted, and made available to Coptologists and scholars of early and mediaeval Christianity around the world. The initial survey has revealed that the texts were copied on different materials (papyrus, parchment, paper, and ostraca) and written in at least two different Coptic dialects (Sahidic and Bohairic). The collection contains fragments of biblical manuscripts and other early Christian texts, three extensive liturgical codices, prayers, magical texts, private and administrative letters as well as lists and accounts. The total amount of those manuscripts which are whole and long enough to be catalogued and edited is more than 200.
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The Apocryphon of John, Its Versions, and Irenaeus: What Have We Learned over 70 Years?

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Johdatus koptin kieleen: Toinen, uudistettu painos

Marjanen, A. S., 2017, 2. painos red. Helsinki: Suomen egyptologinen seura.

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Kaste Johanneksen salaisessa kirjassa muiden setiläis-gnostilaisten tekstien valossa

Marjanen, A. S., 2017, Näkökulmia varhaisen kirkon liturgiaan: Suomen patristisen seuran vuosikirja. Junni, J. (red.). Helsinki: Suomen patristinen seura, s. 7-20 14 s. (Studia Patristica Fennica; nr. 5).

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