TKI Grow - Developing co-operation of RDI actors in the ecosystem of growth entrepreneurship



In Southern Ostrobothnia, much attention has been paid to growth entrepreneurship in recent years. Many projects developing SME growth have been implemented, in which new suggestions for further develop-ment of entrepreneurial ecosystem have been proposed. There is a need for new, regional innovation clusters for improving the ecosystem of growth entrepreneurship. This project is carried out in co-operation with Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, University of Vaasa and the University of Helsinki Ruralia institute.

The main objective of this project is to develop RDI actors’ co-operation and strengthen their profiles in the ecosystem of growth entrepreneurship in the area of Southern Ostrobothnia. In addition, the objectives in particular are as follows:
- To classify companies in Southern Ostrobothnia in different growth entrepreneurship categories based on the model
of growth entrepreneurship, and identify firms in these different categories.
- Identify and strengthen the profiles of different RDI actors in the ecosystem of growth entrepreneurship
- Find interfaces for co-operation of RDI actors and develop a co-operation model in fostering growth en-trepreneurship.
- Develop RDI services for SMEs in different categories of growth entrepreneurship according to the pro-files of RDI actors.
- Pilot these services in SMEs in different categories of growth entrepreneurship.

The objective in long term is to develop a regional innovation cluster, which is based on the strengths and profiles of different RDI actors. This in turn has a positive impact on the ecosystem of growth entrepre-neurship in the area. This strengthens the impact of RDI actions, increases the value of higher education institutes in the ecosystem of growth entrepreneurship, and enhances the possibilities for growth in SMEs.

The results of the projects are as follows: a model for categorizing and identifying growth firms; a co-operation model for RDI actors in supporting the ecosystem of growth entrepreneurship in the area; identi-fied profiles of RDI actors answering the needs of companies in different categories in growth entrepre-neurship, and final publication reporting all the results of the project.

The project is financed by the European Regional Development fund.
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