The project examines Brazilian indigenous and Afro-Brazilian people’s ways of engaging with the world from the perspective of forging new subject positions. People from indigenous and Afro-American backgrounds are becoming ever more active in their political engagement, designing new education systems, taking new positions in academia, and creating novel religious intersubjectivity. Global interactions, technologies, and new state policies have been important factors in these processes. The project focuses on agency constructions in a variety of social, cultural, economic, and political contexts and the ideas of imagined (home)places and spaces based on ethnicity, philosophy, and religion as they affect power relations and notions of creating the future. We stress a ‘not-yet’ consciousness, modes of attention to the fact that something has still to happen or become. Both human and non-human subjects are included in the analysis of agency and relations. Our research sites in Brazil include Arawak-speaking indigenous populations in the states of Acre and Amazonas; São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro metropolitan areas, where the devotees of Afro-Brazilian Umbanda religion are the primary focus of attention; and Bahia that brings transnational capoeira Angola participants into the picture of Afro-Brazilian experience.
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(Re)establishing Relations and the Huni Kuin’s complementary ensembles

Virtanen, P. K., 2017, Aru Kuxipa - Sacred Secret: Ernesto Neto And The Huni Kuin. Zyman, D., Ebersberger, E. & Wildförster, F. S. (red.). Berlin: Sternberg press, s. 64–76 13 s.

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Book review: Michael Brown, Upriver: The Turbulent Life and Times of an Amazonian People

Virtanen, P. K., okt 2016, I : Anthropological Notebooks. 22, 1, s. 133–134 2 s.

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Decolonizing Thought: Epistemic Differences in Indigenous Amazonia

Virtanen, P., feb 2016, Multidisciplinary Latin American Studies: Festschrift in Honor of Martti Pärssinen. Kettunen, H. & Korpisaari, A. (red.). Renvall Institute Publications 33 red. Helsinki: University of Helsinki, Department of World Cultures, s. 53–68 16 s.

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On Thinking, Crafting and Claiming the Future(s)Future Symposium

Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen (Talare: Presentation)

12 feb 201813 feb 2018

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Viscult Ethnographic Documentary Film Festival

Pirjo Virtanen (!!Speaker)

26 okt 2017

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Indigenous peoples, environment & future

Pirjo Virtanen (!!Speaker)

9 mar 2017

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Puheen Aamu (Yle)

Pirjo Virtanen


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