Vascular flora of Inari Lapland



Inari Lapland is situated in N Finland between 68° and 70° N lat. (area c. 20,000 sq-km). The floristic study of the province was started by P. Kallio, U. Laine and Y. Mäkinen in 1954. The Kevo Subarctic research Station, established in 1957, has served as the base for many of the excursions.
The bedrock in the province consists chiefly of granulite, acid and poor in nutrients. The area is sparsely populated, and the influence of man is silght and restricted. The northern parts area dominated by subarctic and subalpine mountain birch forests, in the south, pine forests are prevailing. The lower limit of treeless alpine areas varies approximately between 300 and 400 m. The relation of the floristic composition and the species distributions to elevation, northernliness, maritimity, bedrock, and human activities are studied and critically evaluated.
The project is leaded at the Kevo Subarctic research Station, University of Turku.
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