Vital Voices2 Perspectives on (Educational) Equity on the Early Childhood Sector in Singapore: Mapping the Best Practices


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This study will focus on early intervention and inclusion components to address the issues related to two groups that have largely been left out of Singapore’s success story: children with special needs and those from low-income homes.
Through in-depth interviews with leading early childhood education professionals and stakeholders from a range of disciplines in Singapore, the study will
1) Review the overall ecology of networks and stakeholders that support a child’s learning and well-being and examine important issues that may have been previously sidestepped or overlooked
2) Explore options on how to better connect Early Childhood Intervention, Early Childhood Education and other services in an overarching Early Child Development framework that could benefit these two groups.
Kort titelVital Voices2
Gällande start-/slutdatum01/01/201830/06/2019