WebCEF - Web-based tools for evaluating oral language skills with reference to the Common European Framework



WebCEF enables the collaborative assessment of oral language proficiency through a web-based environment. As a language learner or language teacher you will be able to evaluate your own video and audio samples together with colleagues and peers across Europe. The assessment is based on the descriptors of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF).
Developing and emphasizing oral skills in foreign language learning in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEF) is a major trend in the whole of Europe. WebCEF allows teaching staff to jointly evaluate the oral skills and proficiency of their pupils through a web-based environment. The main objectives of the project was to bring teaching staff across Europe together, to provide them with a community where their assessments could be validated by their colleagues and to provide them and their pupils with tools to provide and share annotated video and audio materials on the Internet.
The main activities in WebCEF included the development of a didactic model, the collection and joint analysis of oral proficiency samples supported by new and easily accessible technologies and the creation and maintenance of a European community-of-practice of teaching staff and pupils. The outputs include the didactic model and a mindbook (manual) integrated in an EPSS (Electronic Performance Support System), an oral proficiency-specific database of validated and annotated video and audio samples, a proactive community-of-practice geared towards European language teachers, teacher educators and teacher trainees, and a pedagogically-justified rationale for future foreign language education assessment.

* Seppo Tella (National Representative; Principal Investigator)
* Pirjo Harjanne (National Co-representative; part of the project lifespan: National Representative; Principal investigator)
* Aarno Rönkä (Viikin normaalikoulu)
* Merja Auvinen (Viikin normaalikoulu)
* partners: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Technische Universitet Dresden, Fontys University of Applied Science, Lodz University, The Open University, Euneos, University of Savoy, University of Bologna, GROUP T- Leuven

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