Youth better prepared for the challenges of the labour market – Career counselling and internships for the students.



It was the aim of the study to create, develop and implement a program of career counseling and guidance that increases the employment opportunities of higher education graduates in the context of the knowledge-based society and according to European standards. The project will combine the activities of career counseling and guidance for students with the organisation of practical training and internships at employers. The career counselling program was developed according to a methodology validated by EBCC (the transnational partner) and involved mentoring sessions and professional orientation, excursions and study visits. The activities proposed for fulfilling this objective lead to the exploration of real options that students have in the labour market and in terms of the continuation of their studies. The project was funded by the European Social Fund. The promoters were the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Romania), and the Tito Maiorescu University. EBCC, European Board of Certified Counsellors was the International Partner that hired Filomena as an International Counselling Expert.
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