A linguist's viewpoint: formulaic language as a challenge for historical linguistics

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This paper sketches a synthesis of the viewpoints that should be addressed when formulaic historical documents are subjected to linguistic study. The framework of the discussion is that of diachronic corpus linguistics and the data early medieval Latin private charters. The observations are expected to be scalable, mutatis mutandis, to many other formulaic premodern documents.
Scholars agree that charter formulae complicate linguistic analysis, but why exactly and to what extent remains an open question. To understand what kind of linguistic phenomena one can meaningfully study in charters, I seek to 1) clarify what formulae are from a linguistic viewpoint, 2) examine the cognitive bases of how formulae were reproduced and its implications to linguistic analysis, and 3) discuss how quantitative/computational research settings might tackle the peculiarities of charter data.
Titel på värdpublikationFormulaic Language in Historical Research and Data Extraction
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Utgivningsdatum7 jan. 2024
StatusPublicerad - 7 jan. 2024
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EvenemangFormulaic Language in Historical Research and Data Extraction - Amsterdam, Holland
Varaktighet: 7 feb. 20249 feb. 2024


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