A social network analysis of six marine management science policy communities

David Goldsborough, Liv Berner, Päivi Haapasaari, Teresa Johnson, Doug Wilson, Martin Pastoors

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What impact does the organization and interactions of the science policy network have on patterns of agreement about biological and economic facts? This is the research question that was at the heart of the JAKFISH deliverable 5.1 "A social network analysis of a marine management science policy community for six case studies". Using social network analysis techniques we assessed the implications of different ways that scientists, managers and other stakeholders organise their common work within an overall fisheries management framework in four EU case studies and two case studies outside the EU. Each case study was carried using a uniform sequential procedure: discourse analysis, survey design, online survey, social network analysis, interpretation of the results in the context of the discourse analysis. The sociograms of the six case studies in this report have been compiled on the basis of network analyses that involve surveys. The number of respondents that have completed the survey is relatively high for all of the case studies (with an exception of the Mediterranean Swordfish case study). Therefore, the sociograms provide a relatively good overview of the most important lines of communication for each case study.
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StatusPublicerad - 16 dec. 2011
MoE-publikationstypD4 Publicerad utvecklings- eller forskningsrapport eller studie


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