A World Political Party: The Time Has Come

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Shared problems require shared action. The world economy and
deepening global risks bind us together, but we lack the collective
global agency required to address them. A sustainable global future
will be impossible without a fundamental shift from the dominant
national mythos to a global worldview, and the concomitant creation
of institutions with transformative political agency. A world political
party would be well-suited to bring about such a shift. Although such
a party will not materialize overnight, it can emerge from the chrysalis
of activism and experimentation already forming on the world stage.
The transnational Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25)
is a compelling experiment in this vein, providing useful lessons for
a world political party proper. Although the challenges to forming
a transformative world party are profound, the risks of inaction are
grave—and the rewards of success momentous.
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StatusPublicerad - 14 feb. 2019
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